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Bio and Statement


The London-based artist, Barbora Klaska, focuses mainly on sculpture, however she uses different ways to express herself. The media she engages with are project-specific. Each idea is materialized through different types of media. Vehicles of expression that the author chooses to use throughout her artwork, are through drawing, painting, sculpture and installation.

The variety of material brings different explorations to life that allows the author to widen their portfolio and enrich the body of work. They might all take different expressions yet they all share a common conceptual framework of seeking the unexpected.

The author's inspiration comes from all kinds of places mostly from her deep inner feelings or dreams. 

Her work is abstract, uses geometry, the power of light and contrasts.

She graduated in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, since then she has had many exhibitions, commissions and a couple of sculptures in public space.

Some of her installations and commissions are visible in several places in the Czech Republic, where she comes from.

They are publicly visible in places such as Dobrohor Castle, The Institute of Microbiology in Trebon, and also in a Museum of Jindrichuv Hradec. 

She has participated in many public space sculptural competitions, a number of which have been won. Some have been placed in public places or are in the process of being implemented.

In 2014 Barbora, with a couple of friends, founded a multi-genre art festival in Hurky in the Czech Republic. She has been a participating author of her own artworks there every year.

Artist statement

Through my artwork, I try to picture my inner worlds and feelings. Things that are familiar to us take unexpected forms and meanings. Objects I create are closely related to geometry and symmetry, ranging from basic geometrical primitives to complex organic forms. 

The media I engage with are project-specific. Each idea materializes through different media, bringing difference in the explorations of life that allows me to widen my repertoire and enrich my body of work. Although varying in expression, they all share a common conceptual framework of seeking the unexpected.

In my opinion, the artist’s task is to search and to capture different layers of reality, which represent a variety of worlds. Worlds that behave as dreams, which are also a source of inspiration, since I perceive them as something between Heaven and Earth.

I try to capture my inner feelings, internal affairs both physical and mental. Something beneath the surface of the human mind. Things that are familiar to us take unexpected forms and meanings. Something personal, which is created in our head, materialized in a physical form. 

Related to the theme of our internal space, their shapes, boundaries, our connection with the outer world, and the interconnectedness between the two.

What drives me, is to reveal the unspoken secrets we have got bundled up in our feelings. It's something superterrestrial we all have inside ourselves.

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